What is the ‘seven year property cycle’?

The "seven year property cycle" is often referred to by property market commentators and refers to the swing in house prices through the phases of boom, bust, bottoming and recovery.

Tax tips for businesses, individuals and investors

Is there a family trust in place? Have you prepared minutes/resolutions for trust distributions before 30 June? If you have income protection policies outside of super, are they paid before 30 June?

Top 3 super tips to save at tax time

With the end of financial year approaching, it's time to consider the areas to maximize savings and financial opportunities to help grow your super. We've compiled our top three ways to benefit [...]

Super Stream Report

The federal government has been phasing in Superstream for some time now but 1 July marks the deadline for ALL businesses that employ staff to be compliant with the new rules.

Where to go when the law is not on your side?

Coming into close contact with law and the courts is never ideal and may not often be thought about in advance, but as the Victorian Law Week kicks off, we spotlight some options you can go to [...]