How to choose where you’re going to buy a home (not a house)?

Congratulations! So you have decided you want to buy a home to live in. No matter if this is your first property, or upsizing/downsizing, or moving between states – selecting where to live can be [...]


What is the seven year property cycle?

Some property analysts claim the property cycle changes every 7 to 10 years[1]. We ask AMP Capital’s chief economist, Shane Oliver, to explore this view and explain what causes property cycles to [...]


How to take the tension out of your building project

Building projects generally are not easy to get right, so it’s important to set the right framework from the start.


Be a conscious investor – with ethical investing and align your money with your morals

The greatest thing about managing your super in Australia is the huge amount of ways you can invest it. But did you know that you may unknowingly be investing in cigarette, alcohol, oil and [...]


5 easy ways to help get your business finances on track!

Are you the kind of business that uses a written paper ledger to balance their books? It’s time to upgrade!


How to survive and get the best out of your next networking event!

So you’ve got a networking event coming up, whether you have attended many in your time or this is the first event, here are a few key strategies to add to your survival kit!

A gift for Mother’s Day? Why not an experience…

Still struggling to choose a gift for Mother’s Day? Sure, a flower, a candle, or an anti-aging serum would be nice. We place so much value on physical items, forgetting that experiences are the [...]

Tips for successfully selling your home

Property is a hot topic. Like most of us, you’ve probably found yourself around the backyard BBQ discussing house prices, interest rates and local demand. But we don’t tend to move that often – [...]

Understanding lender’s mortgage insurance

Find out what lender’s mortgage insurance is and how it may affect your home loan. By AMP Life Limited, originally published on 7 August 2015 on amp.com.au/insights You’re looking for the house [...]

Tips and traps of working part-time

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