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John Shelton

Financial Planner

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I have been working in the financial services industry for over 15 years. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Engineering (Honours) from University of Melbourne. I also have a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

I specialise in providing personal insurance advice. Insurance can be very difficult to understand and often when I first meet a client they believe they have sufficient protection from their insurance policy. Invariably I find that it does not match their profile and there are more highly rated products in the market place at lower prices. I enjoy educating my clients on how insurance works and providing them with comfort that they have a policy that will provide them with the financial protection they are after. Most importantly, I am here to help them if they need to make a claim at what is usually a very difficult time. I believe that insurance is an important tool in helping my clients achieve their goals in life and I find it fulfilling knowing that I have helped them in this process.


I am a keen golfer, scuba diver and follower of the Carlton Football Club. In my spare time I enjoys relaxing at the family holiday home on the banks of the Goulburn River.

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