9 tips to sell your home

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Get the price you deserve for your home by making a few simple ‘lipstick’ changes.

Here are 9 effective ways to improve the value of your home

1. Curb appeal

If you were to stand outside on the street and look at your house what would you see? Lawns not mowed? Bushes not hedged? The smallest attention to detail to the outside of your home is of utmost importance. It’s the first thing buyers see when purchasing a home. Think about giving the outside a lick of paint, washing the brickwork and getting a landscaper in to do some simple garden maintenance.

First impressions last and a buyer who is not attracted to the outside of your home may start their journey into your home with a negative conscience. 

2. Entrance

As soon as that door opens you want potential buyers to feel amazed. Make sure the first room they enter  looks impressing which may involve adding a vase and a fresh bunch of flowers. Make the buyer think immediately that they are onto a winner.

3. Temperature

Give people the feeling of being at home when inspecting your property.  On a warm day open the windows and let a cool breeze in and if it is cold put on the heater – or get the fireplace going if you have one.

4. Smell

Excite all senses by giving and appealing scent to buyers when they walk in. There is nothing worse than an old musky smell or the smell of pets when entering a home. Light a few candles in the areas that impact most – bathroom, living and kitchen. Why not bake some cookies just before you host to make your kitchen smell homely. Just don’t burn the cookies!

5. Clutter

If you have been in your home for a number of years it can be easy to collect clutter. Give people the chance to visualise your place with their own belongings by removing all ornaments/ photo frames/ books etc into storage. You can hire a mobile storage trailer quite cheaply and move your clutter out if you have minimal internal storage.   

6. Cleaning

Making the house as clean as it can be is crucial. Get the carpets steamed cleaned, get your oven thoroughly cleaned, remove all soap scum and mould, dust till your heart’s content and reorganize as much as possible. This may be a small investment or a heap of work but it is vital to securing a premium sale price.

7. Conduct an inspection

Don’t make your dripping tap someone else’s problem. Be sure to conduct a thorough search of your home and fix any minor details that will make your house less appealing. A small touch up of paint, fixing the squeaky door, changing a few light bulb can make a few thousand dollars worth of difference.

8. Stylist

You may like the way your home is styled but there is a good chance your house is not commanding a more general appeal. Hiring a property stylist can improve the layout and flow of your property utilsing neutral tones and statement pieces.   Some stylists may recommend hiring new furniture to really grab buyer appeal.

9. Nature

Make your house feel as natural as possible by bringing the outdoors inside. Introducing greenery into your home helps create a sense of tranquility. Open up the blinds to allow as much natural light as possible, add some greenery to add life to an otherwise boring room and open the windows to let the air flow through. Your buyers will appreciate it!  If your still interested in learning more about styling your property for sale, Oak Estate Agents provides a free property consultation with an interior designer and can give you customised tips specific to your home to ensure it attracts greater appeal.

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