Tax tips for businesses, individuals and investors

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For businesses:

  • Review aged debtors for bad or doubtful debts – no one likes paying tax on invoices that aren’t going to get paid!
  • Look at your fixed assets – are the values of any items in your register impaired or gone?
  • Are you under control regarding stocktakes at 30 June? When you do your counts, consider if stock items are devalued, obsolete or otherwise value-impaired
  • Make sure you are on top of Superstream requirements!
  • Pay your staff super and any owner related super payments, well in advance of 30 June. It will only be tax deductible if its received by the fund
  • For staff bonuses to be accrued (and that you would like to be deductible) write to the employees confirming the bonuses before 30 June.

For individuals, investors and families

  • Is there a family trust in place? Have you prepared minutes/resolutions for trust distributions before 30 June?
  • If you have income protection policies outside of super, are they paid before 30 June?
  • For individuals and eligible taxpayers, can you prepay expenditures to bring forward tax deductions? Margin loan interest, insurances are common examples
  • Can you bring forward deductible expenses / push back assessable income till after 30 June?
  • If you are making personal super contributions, make sure payments are received by the fund by 30 June and consider if you are self-employed do you need to do a ‘notice of intent to claim’
  • Do you have log books in place for vehicles so as to maximise your claim potential?

For super funds:

  • If you are in pension phase have you made your minimum pension payments?
  • Be prepared to value the assets of the fund at the end of year
  • Consider superannuation contribution caps for your members
  • Review your record keeping – do you have dividend statements, buy/sell contracts, invoices, receipts or other documents at hand to evidence the activities of the fund during the year?
  • If you have in-house assets, what are the values and are they in line with the acceptable % allowed?
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